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 Preacher Melvin 

 Mt. Calvary Baptist Church,

Yosemite, Ky. June 2007.

Bro. Melvin was their Pastor in 1959.






Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ,   - Jan- Feb. 2011

            It seems as if the years are just clicking away, here we are already in 2011. As I look back it seems as if it was only yesterday that everyone was worried about Y2K and here we are ten years later. In 2001 we faced as a nation the terrorist attacks and deaths of over 3200 Americans on our own soil.  What a great tragedy this was for our nation to face. We are now seeing things in our nation that I never thought possible i.e… people calling the abominable sin of homosexuality an alternate life style, seeing our nation embracing socialism and a president that has many controversies surrounding his personal beliefs and convictions. We are living in a very exciting time in history because I believe we are closer than any other time of witnessing the return of Jesus Christ.

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            As I reflect over the past 10 years, I can’t help but wonder have we done all that we can to reach those who are lost without Christ.  Over this past year we had the privilege of seeing over 200 souls reached for the cause of Christ. My hope and prayer is that we see that number increased this coming year.  During my time in rehab for my knee replacement surgery at the veteran’s hospital I had the opportunity to meet many active duty soldiers who were there being treated for injuries sustained in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Our veteran’s hospital in Augusta, Georgia is the only one in the United States that treats and houses active duty soldiers.  I was deeply moved by meeting these soldiers, realizing that I still had my limbs and faculties.  There were several that had lost limbs or had sustained brain injuries.  As I got to know these men and women I felt a nudging from God to begin a ministry with our young men and women in uniform that have sacrificed so much for freedom.  I covet your prayers in this matter because I don’t want to step ahead of the Lord in this matter. This is just one more area of ministry that I believe is necessary.  The staff in the rehab department has offered to help get me approved to fulfill this goal. The pruning is beginning in the peach fields, so the Spanish are arriving again. We will begin our soul harvest of migrant workers in two weeks, so we would ask you to pray for our labor as we kick off a new season of witness.

            Again I wish to thank each of you who support Calvary Road Ministries in financial support and prayer! Without you we wouldn’t be able to carry out this calling.  Brother Melvin is doing well; I would ask that you keep him in your prayers.  Our prayer is your lives and churches are blessed for your faithfulness.

 In His Service

Dr. Byron K. Spickard

Titus 1:1-3




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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,    December 16, 2010

Once again the Christmas season is upon us, while the rest of the world is rushing about with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we understand what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. The true gift of Christmas is JESUS this is our message and our calling. I had the privilege of preaching in the Trenton State prison this past month to forty four souls. We had four men raise their hand making a profession of faith. What a joy it is to be in the birthing room of salvation. 

I want to give you an update on Brother Melvin; he is having more difficulty with pain and has needed to have his pain meds increased. He took a fall last month in the bathtub, and we had to have some hand rails installed for him. He didn’t break anything other than the faucet, praise the Lord. His only desire is to work for the Lord. He has expressed on many occasions that if he can’t work for the Lord, then he wants to move on. He is a true soldier in the Lord’s army.

I have been recovering from my knee replacement and am doing well. I had to have another surgery to correct a complication from my prostate surgery a few years back. This corrective surgery has been a real blessing to me due to the incontinence that I was experiencing for the past three and half years. God knows what he is doing and I am slowly getting back to some normalcy. We covet your prayers and thank you for your support, especially in these hard economic times. We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a God blessed New Year as you continue to serve our King of Kings.

In His Service

Dr. Byron Spickard - Director

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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,    May 13, 2010

             Once again as spring rolls in, the camps in South Carolina are filling with migrant workers.  We’re gearing up for another exciting summer of witnessing to those workers about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On May 12th, Bro. Melvin, Bro. Marion and I went to our first camp of the season and shared the glorious gospel to eleven Spanish men and lady who received the Lord Jesus Christ as Personal savior. Already God is blessing our efforts, as the peaches get closer to picking more migrants will be pouring into our area and we want to spend our efforts working for the Lord, reaching all those he will allow us to reach.

             As we mentioned in a previous letter we have also been going into the jails for the past 5 months preaching the gospel, and so far we have seen 46 souls snatched from Satan’s grip, giving their lives to Christ. Last month we went to an orientation at the Trenton South Carolina State Prison which allows us to now go into any South Carolina State prison. We are looking forward to how God will use us and this ministry to reach those who are incarcerated in our state.

            Brother Melvin is doing well, and just as eager to share the gospel with the migrants today as he was 20 years ago when he started this ministry. I’m looking forward to seeing how God will use us as we continue this much needed work for the Lord. I wish to thank you who support Calvary Road Ministries with your prayers and monetary support. All around us people are losing their jobs as companies are cutting back, our economy is a mess and our Government has absolutely no control on its spending, this is why it is important that we ask you to continue supporting this ministry. This world needs something solid and real to put their faith in and that’s the Lord Jesus Christ. Without your support we wouldn’t be able to go! You are as much a part as those of us who go into the camps. Thanks again for your continued support!!

             With the use of the internet I would like to ask; if your church has an email address, please send it to me so we can start generating an email newsletter to keep you informed. This will help defer postal cost and help us put more of the finances towards reaching the lost. You can send that information to: . I have noticed we don’t have the phone numbers to many of the supporting churches and friends and if you could send that information as well it would be greatly appreciated.

            On a last note we have the need of a building that we can set up as an office. The cost for doing this is $4,000.00; I would ask that you pray and give as the Lord leads in this need.

 In His Service

Byron Spickard - Director

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Report from Bro. Byron Spickard, Director of Calvary Road Ministries.   December, 2009

  As the migrate season comes to an end for the year, we have place our focus on the County Jails.   At the jails we’ve been able to preach to over 75 inmates over the past 6 week period. 

Thanks to God, 31 got saved.

 At the nursing home we’ve been able to preach to about 30 residents.

 Our founder, Bro. Melvin Minitor is doing well and going out to visit as he can.   He and I are looking forward to attending one your services in coming year.

 As we celebrate this Christmas season let us remember to give back to those around us.  For it is you and I that are the difference God makes in their lives.  We pray you and your church be blessed in the coming year!    

 We want to thank you and your church for your continued prayers and support as we continue to spread the gospel of Christ in the mission field.

 You’re Servant, 

Byron Spickard,

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September, 2009


As we finish another season with the migrant workers we wish to give thanks for the Lord allowing Bro. Melvin to witness and be part of another fruitful season in the mission field. 

 This season, we’ve averaged 15-25 decisions for Christ each week totaling over 200.

 Also, we wish to acknowledge that Bro. Melvin is now Dr. Melvin Minitor Sr., and honor bestowed by Victory Baptist College.

 The board has elected Bro. Byron Spickard from Victory Baptist Church as the Dir. of Calvary Road Ministries. 

 About Bro. Byron, He was saved on Sept. 14, 1990, while stationed in Utah and was called to preach in Sept, 92.  Byron is a 7 1/2 year veteran of the US Army. (Dessert Storm Vet)

He attended Bible College and completed Bachelor's in 2001, Masters in 2009.  Byron as worked in the field with Calvary road since 98 and been involved with gospel outreach (Go club since 94)

He is looking forward to attending our supporting churches with Bro. Melvin in the near future.

 We have included a video that we feel will be a blessing to you and your church. It is the Star of Bethlehem.  Science every day proves that the Bible is the inspired word of God.  We recommend this as part of your Bible study class and would appreciate your feedback!

We want to thank you and your church for your continued prayers and support as we continue to spread the gospel of Christ. We ask your prayers as Bro. Byron takes the reins of Calvary Road.

You’re Servant,

Melvin Minitor

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 June, 2008


 First, I want to give thanks for the Lord allowing me to be back in the mission field.  Also, I wish to thank everyone who sent cards/letters and those who came to the hospital to visit me during my 5 ½ week stay.  I am thankful for the Christian doctors and nurses who cared for me.  These people work hard to see that our veterans received the best of care.  It was a wonderful feeling to have nurses come into my room and say ‘preacher I want to pray with you’.

There are a lot of migrant workers in the camps picking peaches at this time.   We’ve seen thousands of them accept Jesus as their personal Savior as we’ve worked these camps over the years.  We invite you to join us as we work the camps each week.

 We want to thank you and your church for your continued prayers and support as we continue to spread the gospel of Christ.   It is with you support that we are purchasing another van to provide transportation to the workers to church.

 We hope the enclosed CD will be a blessing to you and your members!

 Your Servant,

 Melvin Minitor Sr.

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May 08

I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me!!  This month, we ask your prayers for our Founder Melvin Minitor Sr..  He’s been in the hospital recovering from a fall for over a week.  He is expected to be in the hospital for another three to five weeks.  He is working to regaining his strength and going to P.T. daily. 

 In the hospital, he continues to witness to the nurses, doctors and other patients around him.  The doctors recommended he consider going to the nursing home and take it easy.  Dad replied, ”There is no retirement doing the Lords work.  There are people who need to hear the word of Christ.” 

 Dad prays daily that God will touch other hearts and lead them to join in Calvary Road’s mission of working with the Spanish in the mission field.

 Our workers continue in the fields witnessing at migrant camps and visiting churches and are willing to help train others. 

Dad has ask that we send out the Salvation Plan DVD’s in hopes someone’s heart will be touched and join in winning the lost souls to Jesus.

We need your prayer as we work to reach souls for Jesus.  Pray for our workers and for Dad that the healing will continue and he can return to the mission field.

In His Service,

Mel Minitor Jr.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

April 08

Jesus said in Mark 16:15 “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

This command is to me, to you and your church.  We have people all around our churches that are in need and starved for the gospel of Christ.

 There are a number of Spanish all around our area that need to hear the plan of salvation.

Bro. Marion Malcom from our ministry recently went into the LightStream studio with Mel Jr. and created a 2 DVD set of the Salvation Plan we use.  It is in English and Spanish.  We hope that you will use this program to learn for use to witness to both English and Spanish speaking people.  Included with the DVD set is our lesson guide in both English and Spanish.  It is our prayer this program will assist you in leading souls to Jesus Christ.  If you will write us requesting the Salvation Plan DVD set, we will be glad to send you this material free of charge.

 We have included with this newsletter a DVD of a recent service at Providence Baptist Church, in Augusta Ga. We are thankful to have you and for Providence as sponsors of Calvary Road Ministry.  We pray that the worship program will be a blessing to you!

We need your prayer as we work to reach souls for Jesus.  Pray for our workers and me.

 In His Service,

 Melvin Minitor Sr

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Dec. 07

From the beginning of Calvary Road ministries over twenty years ago; 34,415 souls have called on our Lord Jesus for the hope of salvation.  We praise his holy name through the dedication of our many team members.

Calvary Road Ministries is in the planning stages to bring a Chapel and Thrift Store to downtown Saluda, South Carolina during the first part of 2008.

 The Chapel service will be in English and Spanish where the word of God will be presented by Bro. Marion Malcom and Bro.Wes Wright along with many other local ministers.

 Bro. Wes Wright will be in charge of our non-profit thrift store and local donations to better serve the local residents of Saluda County.

 Bro. Kelvin Sheppard conducts Spanish Services at Victory Baptist Church in North Augusta, South Carolina at 10:00 a.m. every Sunday.

 Calvary Road Ministries is committed to taking the word of God to mobile home parks and reaching the Spanish community.  We will soon be traveling to the many migrant camps in the near by counties.

 We need your prayers and thanks for your support in these up coming plans. It is your prayers that keep me going for the Lord.

 The Calvary Road Ministries team wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

 Love and Prayer

Your Missionary

Melvin Minitor Sr.

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Nov. 07

Calvary Road team members are out every week sharing the Gospel in Spanish speaking communities.  As we are invited into these homes, the team busies itself giving away tracts, study material, and New Testaments.  Then, with their permission, a clear presentation of the Gospel message is given with an invitation to receive Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior.

 I was very specially blessed last week.  My team was visiting door to door the evening of Halloween in a densely populated Spanish mobile home park.  Many homes were preparing for many visiting children with their trick or treat bags in hand.

With my coat pocket filled with candy we knocked on the door of the first home.  The couple was very polite and invited us into their living room.  After receiving the gifts of tracts and Bibles, we were given permission to present the Gospel.                       

They listened carefully as the message was presented in their language.  Both of them were deeply moved and, there in their living room they prayed asking God for forgiveness and salvation.  My, what a joy it was to share in this experience!!

 Just then, nearly a dozen kids showed up at the door for candy. Perfect timing;  yes, God’s timing is always perfect.

The opportunity is great to reach the Spanish community.  New families are moving into the area very quickly.  We are training workers as I write this letter.

A DVD will be available soon of the Gospel Presentation Training Class. It is my prayer that it will help you in your efforts to reach the Spanish community.

Thank you for your gifts of money and prayer.  By God’s power many are being reached. Our prayers are with you for a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

I have physical needs in this old body.  Please pray that I can keep on going in these last days.

  Love and Prayer

Your Missionary

Melvin Minitor Sr.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


August 2007

There are many Spanish-speaking souls in this country.  We need more workers to help us reach these folks.  We will train workers to help reach these souls.   Let us know if you are interested or have anyone in your church that may be interested in one of our classes.

 The Calvary Road Spanish mission team members have prayed with many from Mexico and Guatemala this year.

 Thank you for your prayers and support.  There are more Spanish speaking people than we can reach!!

 We are enclosing one of my sermons from the Calvary Road Broadcast, ”Jesus Is Coming Soon” on CD and pray it is a blessing to you.

 Love and Prayer

Your Missionary

Melvin Minitor Sr.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A Note From The Founder:  June 2007

 The migrant workers are now in our three county area picking peaches.  The Calvary Road Spanish Mission Team is at work visiting these workers with the message of Christ.  The response is good. 


This month we took clothing to the workers in a camp in Edgefield County.  They listened closely as the Gospel message was presented.  Many prayed the sinner’s prayer trusting Christ as Lord and Savior.  Thanks to you our regular givers, they were given New Testaments and tracts in their language.  Those that responded signed the prayer list bringing the total to 34,228 souls since I started counting.  It’s miraculous what God has and is doing through this work.  We give Him all the praise and glory!

Your Servant,


Brother Melvin Minitor



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friends of Calvary Road,    Spring 2006

            We Had 1,102 souls pray with our workers last year to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  We give Jesus Christ all the praise and glory.  We can do nothing without Jesus Christ.

            Kevin Sheppard and I went to Florida after Christmas and saw 214 souls pray with us to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  They were English, Spanish, and Haitian migrant workers.

            Kevin Sheppard is preaching and teaching Spanish Bible classes at Victory Baptist Church in N. Augusta, SC and Harvest Baptist Church in Aiken, SC.

            We are working in the migrant camps in Saluda County, SC and seeing souls come to Jesus.  Please pray for our workers and me.

            I have two nerves in my head giving me a lot of pain.  My wife is in a nursing home.  Pray for her.  My prayers are with you.

            Thanks for your support.  You help us to reach and minister in many places by keeping the vans rolling hauling souls to church services.

Your Missionary,

Melvin Minitor



Calvary Road Ministries

PO Box 246

Langley, South Carolina 29834


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